Phyllis Boernke

If we think of art as a way of expressing ourselves, then my working with fabric textures, colors and patterns is my first language. Using homespun cotton, calicos, plaids and checks, I create items that harken back to an earlier time when life was focused around hearth and home. I use embroidery and applique to adorn and personalize everyday items that are both useful and pleasing to the eye. My hand-worked placemats and napkins can be mixed and matched so you may create a unique look for your home!

My second language is poetry. My book “untying the web” is a collection of short contemplative poems that help me make sense of the world. As you read and savor them, perhaps my poems may inspire you to write your own poems. Add a placemat, napkin, and a hot cuppa’ and enjoy!

Finally, over the past three years, I have been relearning how to do nearly everything. In October 2017, I had a major stroke. Since that time, I have been witnessing the profound ability of the brain to heal itself and the body to recover all of the lost muscular strength and fine motor skills. Doing crafts, knitting, and crocheting have been major therapy for me and I owe much of my recovery to this very slow, deliberate, creative process. For so many reasons, I am pleased to again be bringing my work to you!