Rosalia Sanow

Hola!! welcome to Micasita house™, a place where you can get one-of-a-kind, uniquely handmade items, with special care and love in the details ♥

My work features the Carminitas™ dolls (inspired on Matryoshka's Russian dolls) timeless design, handcrafted at Micasita house™.

How Micasita house was born.......

Back in 2006, I started Micasita house with the inspiration to create something special, timeless, that children or any person would love and keep through out the years.

So I started creating ''Muñequitas'' (meaning little dolls in Spanish), inspired on Russian style dolls, called "Matryoshkas " (the ones that come one doll inside of the other one), on different sizes, patterns and names and also other fun creations that now are part of Micasita house too!!

I believe that the handmade process express creativity, love & beauty, something special you want to keep & always treasure ♥!