Kreations by Rhonda

Ronda Kocourek was born and raised in South Dakota. She is an Army Nurse veteran. After serving in the Army she worked as an auto mechanic and then as an electronic technician. She repaired medical equipment and then moved into computerized charting. After retiring in 2006, she moved from Washington state to Hot Springs, SD.

In Hot Springs, after seeing a bracelet a neighbor received from her son, she began to explore the possibilities in creating one of a kind jewelry pieces, as well as her own interpretation of action figures made out of silverware. Ronda has turned old silverware pieces into hair barrettes, shawl clips, and mobiles, and her action figures include; a lumberjack, Rosie the Riveter, a minister, realtor, golfer, hiker, hunter, and cowboy, just to name a few!

She enjoys doing custom work with family heirloom silverware as well as using garage sale and auction finds.

Rhonda gets her creativity from her dad, whom was a master carpenter, as well as her mother who inspired her to re-purpose anything she could find. Rhonda is constantly examining everyday items, to try and determine how to recreate them using silverware.