Terry Hodorff

Feathergrass Studio

The textures, colors and beauty of nature have been filling my senses since I was a little kid.

I rarely walk through woods without touching or smelling tree bark and rocks. These tactile and sensory breaths have led me to pick up pencils, pastels and a little watercolor and DRAW. Still, I have been absurdly timid to use anything but the lightest touch, the slightest colors so I could always erase.

My husband and I have always been avid outdoor photographers. Together we have taken thousands of pictures, but have never come up with a satisfying way to share them.... until now.

I was introduced to COLOR through the making of rock mandalas and have admired many people's art work that incorporates dots and patterns. So, I just started painting tons of dots and found it makes me joyful. This art form has become the "edge of the cliff where I jumped off and started to fly". That seems a little dramatic, but it seriously has inspired me to find all kinds of ways to blend the realism of our photos with the bold colors and symmetry of the mandalas, finally allowing us to share some of the beauty we have been privileged to witness.

I am thoroughly enjoying this art form as it expands my imagination. And, I am looking forward to the ideas that may be spawned from our next photo safari.