Cheryl Janssens

I was born in Central California, growing up in the world of agriculture on a small family dairy. I gained my elementary education at a small country school. There, in grades four through eight, I enjoyed learning music and playing the clarinet.

In later years I met and married my wonderful, talented husband Vincent. We enjoyed many years of running a business and raising three great children. The years 2000 to 2015 we enjoyed our bluegrass Trio, "Downwind Express". We spent those years playing music wherever we happened to be, locally in California or around the country while we searched for the perfect place to live out our years in retirement. Hot Springs South Dakota is that place. From 2008 to 2015 we played, entertained and jammed with many warm, talented folks in and around the Black Hills. In 2015 Vincent passed. I am now traveling the adventures of widowhood (wishing there was a better word). This year I began hand painting birthday cards for my family and that has brought me to Chautauqua Craftsmen and Artists of the Black Hills. It is a wonderful place to meet people and share the world of art. I look forward to a long and enjoyable experience.